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Here’s Why A Dirty Rug Is Dangerous To Your Family’s Health

They’re efficient cleaners. They add a certain aesthetic value to your home’s overall appeal. Rugs have truly become a familiar and important household item. But sometimes, they tend to get too basic that the need for keeping them thoroughly cleaned often gets ignored.

When you ask yourself questions like What’s an area rug cleaning near me, Bellflower, California, and you’re often baffled by the thought of getting help from a professional cleaning being “too much”– you’re not alone. Many people have the same thought. That’s why in this article, we’re giving your seven strong reasons why professional cleaning is important and why dirty rugs are dangerous to your family’s health.

They easily trap microorganisms.

From dirt to dust, bugs to bacteria, mold to mycotoxins — rugs and carpets are a breeding ground for a plethora of microorganisms. And these are things that can’t be easily eliminated by the mere use of vacuum cleaners.

If not addressed, the simple issue of dirty rugs can lead to several health issues, which we will tackle in the succeeding bullets.

They can trigger asthma attacks.

If you have asthma, this item is particularly for you. The microorganisms trapped within your rugs are considered to be strong triggers for asthma attacks. As this health risk does not manifest immediately, many homeowners take their responsibility of cleaning rugs for granted.

They can activate your allergies.

Unkempt rugs are home to allergy-inflaming proteins. This means that if you haven’t ever asked yourself questions to the tune of what is an area rug cleaning near me, Bellflower, California — you are allowing yourself to get your allergies activated.

By hiring professional cleaners, you can get rid of such triggers in a truly happy wheels demo efficient and effective way.

They cause skin irritation.

There are some irritants that reside in your rugs and carpets. If they’re not cleaned thoroughly, these very basic household items can be the cause of skin irritation on your loved ones — from rashes to eczema to athlete’s foot.

Besides vacuuming, experts also recommend running a humidifier to help protect your family’s sensitive skin.

They can cause stomach infection.

This one might sound a bit surprising to you, but yes, the impact of dirty rugs on your health can go as fas the stomach. Uncleaned rugs can be home to the virus called salmonella. Typically foodborne, this virus is the culprit behind stomach illnesses and infection.

They weaken your immune system.

Cleaning rugs and carpets can be too tedious at times. But if you forego doing this task, or hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job for you, the consequence can be quite big. The germs and toxins present in rugs will tire your immune system, making it weaker and weaker over time.

They are great stressors.

Is then an area rug cleaning near me, Bellflower, California? This is one of the first few questions you need to ask yourself when you find yourself caught up with too much household work, which by the way, is a common stressor among homeowners.

Seeing dirty rugs and getting an illness out of them can give you a great deal of mental anguish. That’s why you must get help from a professional in the field.

If you’re asking yourself about area rug cleaning near me, Bellflower, California, then contact us today. At Expert Rug Spa, we give your rugs the TLC they need.


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