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Does My Hinge on the Toilet Seat Need Changing?

The toilet seat hinges are one of the toilet seat parts that wear with time and will need changing. Toilet seat hinges are found at the rear of your toilet seat. The hinges serve to raise as well as lower the toilet seat, and over time, they will wear out or break, requiring replacement. When these hinges are broken or wear out, you don’t have to change the entire toilet seat, you will simply change the toilet seat hinges. You can replace the hinges if you have the right spare parts and tools.

Types of Hinges

There are 2 options for toilet seat hinges available in the market; note that not all toilet seat hinges are suitable for any type of toilet. A bottom fixing hinge is a traditional style fixing, with 2 bolts fitting down into the pan then tightened from underneath. A top fixing works by feeding 2 bolts into your pan. Top fixing toilet seat hinges are used when you don’t have access to the bottom of your pan; for instance, in some contemporary one-piece style toilets or back to wall toilets.

There are also quick release toilet seat hinges that allow you to easily remove the toilet seat from your pan, which makes the task of cleaning your toilet much easier. Soft close hinges come with a hygienic and slow release system that will cut out annoying slamming noises.

Replacing Your Toilet Seat Hinges

• Remove your toilet seat and lift the lid; you’ll see two hinges at the base. Next, remove the screws holding the toilet seat hinges then remove the lid.

• Now, open the protective caps located on your toilet seat hinges. Pry open these protective caps on your toilet seat hinges using a flathead screwdriver.

• Under these protective caps, you will see bolts held in position by a nut. Unscrew the nut using your hands to remove them. Now that the bolts are free, you can remove the hinges.

• Take your old toilet seat hinges with you to Choice Replacement Toilet Seat Shop. This is the ideal place to get replacement toilet seats. You can view replacement toilet seats available on this shop on their website. Make sure the hinges you get are compatible and the same size as your toilet lid.

• Remove the toilet seat hinges from the packaging then attach them to your toilet seat, ensuring the screws are tight.

• The next step is removing the protective cap from those hinges and insert them into the toilet base. Align both toilet seat hinges to the holes located on the base of your toilet seat. After inserting the bolt together with the washer into the hole located on the base of your toilet, screw it tightly onto the toilet base using a screwdriver. Now affix the second bolt the same way you affixed the first one.

• Replace all the protective caps on all the bolts that have toilet seat hinges. Raise and lower the toilet seat to check the hinges.

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