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Different types of Home Carpets

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Carpet are the worthwhile floor coverings which complement the look of your home and increase the value of your space. Types of carpets are necessary to understand when you are going to choose carpets for your home so that you can easily decide which type meets your needs at a reasonable price. Many carpets are used to bring elegance in your space with a clean and sophisticated look. They can easily absorb sound and moisture with long term stress of heavy foot traffic. Their yarns are knotted or weaved in each other to give strength to the fibers, which gives long lifespan to the carpets. To make better choices while choosing home carpets you must have to understand the types of home carpets. All these qualities make carpets the best choice for the consumers. Different types of carpets are explained here to understand them well to choose home carpets.

  1. Loop Pile

Carpets which are made by looping yarns upside are called loop piles. These loops are kept in specific size to give them a sophisticated look. Particular piles are made on the backing of carpet to make loop piles.

  • Plush/Velvet

This type of loop pile carpets has uniform color with lightly twisted loops. These carpets have level texture and are soft in nature that is why they are highly popular.

  • Berbers

These carpets are made up of thicker yarns and level loop piles, which make them a highly durable option for flooring. A series of bent loops gives a cushioned feel underfoot and can bear long term stress of heavy foot traffic. This is a dense choice which gives a smooth tone to the carpet. Its dense strength causes it not to tear up and wear out quickly.

  • Level loop piles

In this type of carpets loop yarns are weaved on both sides so they have a long lifespan because the loops are strong. Length of the loops is kept in the same measurement to keep them level to the surface to give a stiffer feel to withstand heavy stress of foot traffic. Their loops are clearly organized in symmetry, giving them a soft and comfortable loop instead of rough and complicated feel.

  • Multi-level loop piles

In this type of carpet, loops are kept in varied sizes to give a multi-level loop pile look. Multi-level loop piles give a pattern look but they are not patterned. This visual flourish gives your room a sophisticated and attractive look.

  • Cut Pile

This carpet is the most popular option of floor covering among homeowners. When the manufacturers cut the long piles and give them a shape of standing upright in 90˚ angle to keep them protected from crushing under weight. Here are some cut pile carpets types:

  • Saxony

This type of cut pile carpets is formed by tightly twisted cut piles that are straight. They fall in the range of medium durable carpets because their loops consist of double or more twisted fibers. Their texture is heat set that is why these tightly twisted fibers give a warm and comfortable feel under foot. These fibers are half an inch long. Length and strength make us know how well this carpet can work.

  • Textured

Cut piles are twisted to give a casual appearance to the cut pile carpets, which are later called textured carpets. Twists are knotted tightly so that they can be made resistant to stains and make them easily cleanable. The fibers can bend faster than Saxony carpets but it also gives a nice tone to the carpet and gives a luxurious feel under bare feet.

  • Patterned

The patterned carpets are made through mixing the cut and looped yarn spots to make patterns. This type of carpet is mainly made with decorative intentions. You can make floral patterns or other symmetrical designs. People love choosing these carpets to match their home background decor and to bring comfort.

  • Frieze

In frieze carpets short fibers are curled in many directions, which gives a sturdy look and easily masks footprint. It can withstand heavy foot traffic that is why mostly used in heavy foot traffic areas. It gives a luxury sense by its informal style. It can be cleaned regularly to maintain its fresh form but spillage is difficult to clean and takes a long time to clean.

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