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Consider these things before getting a platform lift

With advancement in technology, today, one can choose from a wide range of lifts that serves various functions. One of the hassle-free type of lifts that can be easily installed is the glass platform lift. It is more stable and functional compared to a stair lift. You might not notice it, but platform lifts can be seen in commercial spaces, public areas, homes, and even in certain restaurants that do their best to cater to wheelchair users. 

A platform lifts has several benefits namely: it provides easily mobility, it is highly stable, it requires little space, and it is highly economically and quiet. 

However, purchasing a platform lift can be an unnerving task, especially if one is running on a limited budget and does not know what to look for. If you are unsure of where to start, you can read this article, as we will be discussing the few things that you need to consider before getting a platform lift for yourself or your company. 


Firstly, it would be extremely helpful if you could start to measure the space that your commercial or residential space has at the moment that can cater for a platform lift. Think about the extra space needed for the arrangement of the doors and pathway to enter the platform lift. 

Product Functionality 

Start to think about your current needs. With many platform lift models out there in the market that cater to different weight limit, you should start to conclude the maximum and minimum weight limit that your platform lift should have to cater for your daily use. 

Safety Features

Start to look into the platform lift’s safety features. It could be that you would need the control buttons in the lift to be more user-friendly for your users. In addition, start to consider the demographics of your users in your residential or commercial space, and thus choose a platform lift that would meet those needs. 

Maintenance Fees

The next thing that you should ask your platform lift provider is about the lifespan of the platform lift and the cost to maintain the platform lift. If the platform lift breaks down, you need to ensure that it is still well covered. 

Installation Fees

Next, it would be helpful if you confirm with the provider if the installation fees are already included in the quotation that they have provided. 

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