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Benefits Of Natural Latex Mattress

Sleep constitutes the most important activity in our lives and hence making it crucial to select the right kind of mattress to be used. We shall talk about the natural latex mattresses and its benefits which include:

  • They are more durable and endowed with greater elasticity. All-natural latex foam has the property of regaining its original shape after use and it also moulds itself to the individual’s body perfectly. This contrasts with the polyurethane-based foam which generally loses its shape with time. Whereas the natural latex mattress maintains shape and lasts at least two to three times longer.
  • Like most mattresses available, the natural latex mattresses are available especially in varied forms of thickness ranging from medium firmness to very firm mattresses. The ILD (Impression Load Deflection) of the mattress is essential for determining the firmness. The higher the ILD level, the more firm would be the mattress.
  • They are biodegradable, and therefore, very environmentally friendly mattresses. The vendors can also be contacted to enquire about the usage of any chemicals, dyes, adhesives or nylon in the fabrication. This shall help understand if the all-natural latex mattress is hundred per cent biodegradable or not.
  • Individuals suffering from chronic joint and nerve pain and lower back pain have reported a significant reduction and relief in the symptoms after using and sleeping on a natural latex mattress for a few months due to contribution of the mattress on the pressure points.
  • Sleeping time is meant for the body to heal and repair itself for the next morning. If the toxic gases which are released by the synthetic materials are inhaled, it can lead to many inflammatory conditions. Hence, the natural latex mattresses are preferred as they are made of natural elements without any inoffensive gases or smell.
  • They are mould resistant, antifungal, mildew resistant, anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites. Most mattresses are breeding grounds for harmful organisms that cause health risks. Therefore, the natural latex mattress is good for allergy sufferers and keep such organisms at bay!
  • They cause fewer disturbances during night time. The spring mattresses transfer its movement sideways which disturbs the partners sleep on the mattress. Whereas, the natural latex foam has the property of isolating the motion. Hence, while tossing, motion is highly reduced by the natural latex foam.
  • They provide for heat regulation and ventilate better than polyurethane foam or memory foam. It helps in making sleep more comfortable as there will be less overheating due to coverage of breathable materials like cotton and wool.

Buyers must overcome the investment of a slightly higher cost and consider the benefits of using a natural mattress to improve the quality of life. In fact, the prices of it have now been decreased as well. Therefore, the natural latex mattresses are the best of its kind to ensure a sound, comfortable and healthy sleeping environment.

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