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4 Tips For Organizing Kitchen Island

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First, clean up your kitchen and discard all trash, papers, and dishes. You might need to organize your dish and plate organizers since you will now have a clear view of what you are going to prepare or serve. When you organize your plates and dishes, segregate by type of dish so that you won’t confuse which one off, you will now know what you are going to prepare. This will not only help you in preparing the food but it will also help you in finding the appropriate utensils you need for cooking.

Second, arrange your kitchen cabinets according to how you plan to use them. You can use your old kitchen cabinets as the storage area of the appliances and other items you no longer need. Install new kitchen cabinets into these empty spaces. Once you organize your cabinets, think about dividing your working area into several areas such as the sink, stove top, and dining area. You can also install shelving units for your cutlery and other kitchen items.

Third, separate food items into several categories such as edible, non-edible and decorative. This way you will be able to know which food should be kept in its own container and which should be put in the dishwasher. Storing the food ingredients in separate containers will help you from over-stuffing certain areas of your kitchen which are troublesome such as the countertops, stovetop and the dining area.

Next, clean your counters, stove, and other areas using a damp cloth. This will help you in keeping your counters clean and free of food scraps. In cleaning the counters, you need to be careful not to wipe spills on the surface. Allow the spills to dry before putting on another one. Do not re-boil the entire surface.

Lastly, you need to arrange your food into separate serving containers such as dishes, bowls, and pots. Make sure that you store them at places where they are easily accessible. Put large bowls at the side of the kitchen table and small bowls in the drawers. You can also place containers of soup in large containers and ice cubes in small ones. By doing this, you will be able to organize your kitchen in a hassle free way.

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